Sunday, July 12

MISS June Swap Loads of Love

These are the cards I received from the Loads of Love Swap that I participated in last month hosted by Jeanna Bohanon.
This is the card I made and sent for the swap I hope they enjoyed it as much as I am enjoying the ones I have received!
This card is stamped by Meghan Smith
This card is stamped by Julie Ramos
This card was stamped by Barbara Jean
This card was stamped by Cindy Garner
I hope you all have enjoyed seeing all of the things you can do with this great set! This set has been around for a little while and with the coordinating wheels and Loads of Love Accessories, there are many possibilities and if that wasn't enough, you can do even more with the *NEW* coordinating Loads of Fun set!

Be sure to stop back tomorrow! I will be sharing the beautiful cards from the Friendly Words Wheel Swap I was in!

Until then,
Happy Stampin'!


  1. CUTE cards! I so love Loads of Love!

  2. WOW, these are all great! That swap was so worth it! My apologies for being MIA lately! I have had a busy busy busy summer and it's been hard keeping up with all of my paper-responsibilities! I think I am on the upswing, though!

    Hugs to you and always enjoying your blog! Nicole

  3. This was the first set I ever bought, but hasn't it been around for a long time. How about we retire this one and get a sports car set instead :)

  4. You are one talented group of stampers!

  5. How fun are these! Thanks for sharing everyone's talent!