Sunday, June 14

I got a blog award!!!!

My bloggin' sister Marisol gave me this award. This award comes with stipulations that I tell you ten things about myself and pass it on to seven other people.

1. I love the outdoors and hiking and exploring in the woods.
2. I drink an insane amount of tea! Has to be fresh and I love Maté.
3. My 3 babies are all born on October 2nd but different years
4. I love gardening, everything about it. I find that planting a new garden is a lot of work but even more rewarding when you see the finished product.
5. I love cereal and could eat it for my 3 meals of the day.
6. My neighbor and friend introduced me to stampin' up and I've been addicted ever since. I heart Stampin' Up!!!
7. I joined the Army at 17
8. I found out I was pregnant with my 1st when I was deployed in Kuwait a month before we went to war and into Iraq. Before I left country, I was able to travel 2 hours across bumpy desert to the Iraq border to tell my husband, its not like I could give him a call so he was pretty shocked to see me and for the big news!
9. I love to watch my children sleep, after a hard day watching them makes me realize why its all worth it.
10. I take my laptop all around my house with me so that I won't miss an instant message from my husband!

These are all blogs that I love and visit regularly, check em' out! My seven nominees are:

Thanks Marisol for my 1st blog award! It is quite exciting!


  1. Thank you so much for the award....It is too cute! I love your blog....I'm embarassed to say this is my first visit but I will be a stalker now! I love your list you compiled...the story of how you told your husband about your pregnacy is priceless! Thank you so much to both of you for serving our country!....{SMILES}

  2. Hi Jenna,
    Thanks so much for passing on this blog award, I am honored! I've loved nosing around in your blog and seeing you beautiful work!
    My sister had three children born on the same date just like you. Her feat was pretty phenomenal because her first three children were all born on this date, each one a YEAR apart. Also happens that her husband's birthday was the same day, so can you imagine the shared birthday celebrations!?!?!