Saturday, June 20

Cards for the Contractors in Afghanistan Sent!!

Again, I've waited too long to post! Its been one crazy week for me! I backed my van into our babysitters car and lost the keys to my husbands truck completely...I think our house ate them! Just in case you didn't know like me, its not that easy to get a key made, they have to program the key to your if you have no must get your car towed to the dealership or sweet talk the guys in charge! So be sure to have some spares! Crazy week!
In the midst of it all and with the help of my sister-in-law I was able to finish off organizing and sealing the cards in the plastic envies. The huge box of cards was sent out to Afghanistan a few days ago! And I mean HUGE...with the help of some wonderful stampers there was over 500 cards and the box was a whopping 27 pounds!!

I want to send out a very special thanks to everyone that helped:
-Karen Reid from Arizona for donating cards
-Judy Jackson from Pennsylvania for donating cards
-Patty Bennett from California for donating cards (Well over 300 came from Patty!! I had never seen so many cards in my life! I'm a pretty new stamper but I can't imagine producing that many even with help, click her name to go to her site and see her wonderful group converting card fronts!)
-Susan Kubira who helps run an amazing organization called From Our Hearts they regularly send thousands of cards to the troops overseas. Her wonderful advice on sending cards overseas was extremely helpful!

For the next shipment of cards I am going to try and concentrate on some of the categories that were short when I sent this box. Please let me know if you would like to help!
Miss You Cards, Anniversary Cards, Congratulations Cards, Religious Cards, Get Well, Sympathy and upcoming Holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Of course all other cards are welcomed as well! Even a donation of a box of envelopes or clear envelopes would be great! Eventually I am hoping to send out a similar box to the contractors in Iraq as well!

I'll be posting cards from my last swap in May featuring the Trendy Trees Set tomorrow!

Happy Stampin'!


  1. WOW...ARE YOU BUSY! LOOK AT ALL THOSE CARDS! I promise to help out next time...Sorry I couldn't contribute this time around

  2. Jenna, I don't know why I didn't help out this time. Everyone always thinks about the soliders, but no one seems to remember the contractors! Make sure you put my name down. I'll be happy to help.