Thursday, March 5

The INKcredibles March Stamp Club Project

These are the projects that were done in my friend & fellow Demonstrator's Stamp Club which at our last meeting we so happily named ourselves The INKcredibles!! I love it! Heres a little history... my friends name is Sherri and at first she was just my neighbor across the street, very friendly & sweet. She came over once when she saw me out raking an extreme amount of leaves and helped me out! How nice is that! She quickly became someone I am glad to call a friend! Ok so there is a point to this...she introduced me to Stampin' Up shortly after I had moved into my house in 2005. Geez...I can't believe its been so long ago since I first learned to stamp, I'll have to post the first card I ever stamped soon, yup I still have it! I was excited to find out about a stamp club she was doing and joined without much thought. I have since moved across town, which is a total bummer because we can no longer walk across the street to borrow stamps!! On the upside, I no longer have any leaves to rake!!
Although I joined the Stampin Up family last month to be a demonstrator, I will continue to go to Sherri's Stamp Club same as always!! Hopefully someday I'll work up to having some stamp club's of my own too!! Scrapbooking and Cardmaking for me is such a wonderful creative outlet, I just love it!! So thanks Sherri for being a great friend and for teaching me the stamping ropes!

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